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    Within months of the original reforms of the Venturer Guild the new safe hands requested some form of local sub command for them to become fully effective as law enforces. At this time leaders of combat companions within the guild also said they just could not function effectively without the old recognised hierarchy below themselves within their fellowships.

    After considered consultation with the powers that be within the Teuden League, the Venturer guild was given permission to form two sister guilds, one for their combative companion fellowships and one for the safe hands.

    The Sell Sword guild was to be in effect a governing body over what were state sanctioned mercenary companies. Run on similar lines to the Venturers but rather than vouching safe individuals and fellowships, it did so for companies of combat companions. Rather than having only one leader these companies had to have a lieutenant at arms and sergeants at arms below them, it being considered good practice for each company to also have a vintner to provision their company and command their own camp artisans and followers.

    One notable effect on society after the incorporation of the sell swords was that freebooter and freelancer companies, some from other realms and of all racial hues signed on within this Teuden League guild; a military advantage was quickly realised by the powers that be. It has become law within the League that all sell swords must be prepared to muster at a time and place as determined by a field marshal of the League. From once paid their attendance coin upon the drum at the first mustering until released from service or the end of the campaign, they are to be guided in battle and deployment by their field marshal or those appointed to act for their field marshal.

    Regardless of the League’s military affairs, the sell swords are always in demand with wealthy folk wishing to add some muscle to their dealings with each other. This has led to a continued golden age for captains contracting and sub-contracting their companies within the rules of the Sell Sword Guild. Captain contractors that employ sub-contracted companies are known as Major contractors and these commanders can and have made vast fortunes and so they gain considerable social statues in a society where coin is king.

    In the last few generations many captains and their successors have tied the fortunes of their company again and again to a single family becoming in effect the personal retinue of that household, though all still abide by the sell sword guild’s overarching governance.

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    I cant wait to make my own band of battle brothers.

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