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Thread: Fabled Realms chimney mod

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    Fabled Realms chimney mod

    Fabled Realms chimneys stick out quite a lot.

    Please redesign the chimneys to have magnet holes in the bottom of them.
    The roofs are fine, you can just position the chimney where you want it. Then flip it over and drop the magnet into the roof. It will position itself and then just dab glue on it.

    The tall pokey bits are troublesome when it comes to storage. It didn't become an issue until I assembled my 10th kit. Now it's a problem, especially for the blacksmith shop and Stoic Arms.
    Even with a magnet hole, the kit could still be put together as they normally are, so you lose nothing.

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    I do magnetise mine using some Milliput and the add on chimney sets if required but having them designed this way would be handy.

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