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Thread: New Dwarves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Adie View Post
    A full on Dwarf faction is what I'm looking forward to the most.
    I'll second that!

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    Well the 7th and 8th faction (I think) are two factions with dwarfs. One if the full on Dwarf faction and the second with the Necromancers (and flayed priests) may just feature ZOMBIE DWARVES (as they just took down a Dwaven stronghold/city. It will be interesting if these flayed priests not use the common "undead" thing, but perhaps use the original West African nature of a "zombie" (where the "zombies" are living people just enthralled by the Voodoo priest). 7th and 8th factions...pretty sure that right, but no idea to the names (6th and 7th are Troggkin and the Horselords).

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