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Thread: Outbuildings/Lean to's/Scatter Terrain

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    Outbuildings/Lean to's/Scatter Terrain

    Probably the easiest thing to scratch build, but for the lazy (like me)

    A range of wooden sub structures that could be added to any building in the Fabled Realms range. These could include Sheds, Privys, Wood piles, Sheltered lean to, etc. Some inspiration below....

    PS Modenburg buildings after I'VE built them

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    4Ground already do a range of outbuildings/sheds/privies (IIRC). Though "modern" they are fairly timeless; and easy to convert (easier than scratch building from start).

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    There are specific mentions of dockside terrain pieces in some of the fluff, but they're not part of the range.

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    The most spectacular piece of dockside equipment would be a crane, one of the really big ones operated by a treadwheel. I think I have seen a picture of one 'boxed in' to protect it from the weather. Smaller cranes would be easier to do, you could poodlefake one with some strip wood and some blocks from a model ship chandler.
    After that barrels, lots and lots of barrels, the pre-modern equivalent of the ISO container!

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