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Thread: Sell Sword Fluff

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    Sell Sword Fluff

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about this guild

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    Here is a bit of in world story about the Laughing Daggers;

    Coming over the fortress wall like a shadow Gwern landed on the rampart behind the grey cloaked warrior, quickly readying his sword he thrust it through the human’s neck and lowered him to the floor the man chocking on his own blood.

    Gwern had a measure of control found rarely in goblins, which made him useful for this kind of work, but the style of work would soon change. Gwern lowered a rope over the wall to his cohorts in the Laughing Dagger Company below and tying it off he started to look for the nearest entrance into the building.

    Finding a door in a nearby tower Gwern turned back and saw that Niallan and Reghan had also made the top of the wall, he motioned for them to come over to him. Niallan, another goblin, sidled up to the door and checked its handle, it wasn’t locked. Looking disappointed he eased the door open slowly a crack and peered through, he then indicated to Gwern and Reghan five people were on the other side and mouthed quietly “All humans, eating”.

    All three had their weapons out now, Niallan a crooked and curved axe and Reghan a brutal looking maul. Gwern said “On three”


    Niallan flung the door open with a mighty crash as the three of them rushed the room, the Grey Cloaks of the Eightfold path jumped up from their table and were stood surprised as the goblins crashed into them in a flurry of blows. This was normal goblin fighting a scrabble of bodies and wild hacking, blood sprayed all over Gwern and his arm felt the vibration of blade on bone as his sword took a Grey Cloaks eye and half of his face. He felt a foot on his back as one of the others, Niallan or Reghan, used him as a push off point to get at one of their opponents.

    One of the Grey Cloaks had managed to lay his hand on his axe and turned to face Gwern his face a mask of fear. This drove Gwern into a frenzy, his arms pistoning forward with thrusts and cuts, the Human couldn’t hope to block all of them and soon the shredded body lay at Gwern’s feet.

    Turning Gwern saw Rghand throw one of his Gnomian Darts, a trophy from a previous fight, into the back of a fleeing Grey Cloak.

    Around the three goblins lay the mangled bodies of their three opponents the heavy breathing of last breaths and the abattoir smell a testament to their fury. Gwern turned back to the mangled body of the first man he had dealt with. “W-Why are you here?” the man garbled out of his ruined face.

    With a smile on his face Gwern replied, “For the money of course”, before ramming his blade through the man’s chest.

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    good short Cad.

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    Pesky goblins!

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    Never underestimate the Goblins.

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