Here is a little bit of information about the Druggoi Covens

The Dragoul are humanoid creatures that have been afflicted by the Dragoul Curse. This curse ravages the body normally making people mindless killers and ambush predators thirsting for raw flesh to propagate the disease. The affliction makes the creature have ashen skin, a distended jaw and their skin becomes very waxy and sunken leading to a skull like visage, among other deformities.

A Glutton is a Dragoul that for what ever reason has mutated further than their smaller brethren. These creatures are even more cunning than a Dragoul, almost double the bulk and vicious. A Glutton is always hungry and will eat any creature that comes to hand, Dragoul tend to follow them as where a Glutton is there is bound to be food and a pack of Dragoul with a Glutton is rarely hungry. For the Glutton this is also a good arrangement as if they are unable to find food for any reason, there is always a Dragoul shaped snack nearby.

Terrors are the creatures that stalk nightmares of The Eightfold Path. A Terror is a creature much larger than a normal humanoid that has contracted the curse, they could have been a bear, Trogkyn or Ogyre but now they are something new. The worse recorded Terror was Nytingenga who was an afflicted Dragon. Not only are Terrors an issue but their calls bring Dragoul as food is never far from them.

Druggoi on the other hand have retained their mental faculties, even if they arenít as right thinking as they used to be, so they use weapons, magika and armour. A Druggoi can plan an ambush, prepare a trap and talk to you about the great philosophers... if they donít take a bite out of you first.

We will add more background over the next few weeks.