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Thread: Test game

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    Test game

    Hi Guys
    Am going to give the game a playtest this weekend, using both systems the Multi D6 options requiring 5 different sets of dice and the D10, D8 and D6 version.

    I have the new rules but was wondering if any one has a complete set of the beta rules using the Different die types. I have most of that but was wondering if there was at any time available the ability and character cards with the red blue and white die types, to indicate what is used.

    If not I will just go ahead and assign the red, blue and white die to the colored die.

    I am wondering if it was a cost issue more than anything for them to go with the d6s as opposed to custom die. I would imagine if that is part of the reasoning that doing custom d6 would be even more expensive and that is why we donít see any response to the question of why not custom d6?

    And am still really angry over the change after committing to the game based on what looked like great game play with the custom die in the videos. And after reading the new rules boy those d6 add a lot of added un-needed calculations, whereas the custom die really made that part an easy solution in a game that is not an easy game, complete as opposed to complex.

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    cant help you out on the old format cards im afraid, but in defence of d6 i dont think cost came into it, from the conversations ive had with the guys its got more to do with making it easy to play with what you have got, i.e. you dont have to buy custom die to play (in fact you could not give a penny to 4ground and still get a 100% legit fabled realms experience using kitbashed mini's, printed cards and your own dice) etc, all you need are some ubiquitous d6, at least d6 age well, ever tried to play hero quests with special dice that have all but been rubbed smooth??? on the flip side i strongly suggest making your own custom dice like I and others have posted here, makes it effortless to play and i prefer it to the old system now, i find it flows better and clicks more than the old system did with my way of thinking...

    Also there have been several responses to custom dice from 4ground in short they will be making some, if you bought dice bag and dice addon you will get some...
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    Well we had our first couple of games and we really enjoyed the game. It was as good as I thought it would be from the original videos on the Kickstarter.

    First impressions on the rules, I know that they are a draft and not the final but some observations.
    1 In some place you have put some rules and info in black boxes with white type. I would not put the examples in those, keep the black boxes for rules summaries, makes it easy to find.
    2 In some of the faction pages the order of the equipment is not the same, so one faction the hero’s equipment is first and others it is the henchmen, keep it consistent.
    3 Examples of play make sure that it is easy to see right away, so maybe a colored box so it is kind of the same as the black rules summary boxes.
    4 aaa you must have a good glossary with referenced page numbers.
    Game play
    I love the momentum concepts, it is what sold me on the rules and it works really well. I think you might need to clarify some of the actions the active and reactive player can do. We finally got it I think, for example we thought you had to react when for example a unit was charging into it or shooting at it. We first thought that only the unit being affected could react but that seems not to be the case. There is just a need for a really good edit and clear language.
    Cards are great we did change some of the deck playing, after the comments by 4ground after the Beta weekend. We had the leaders SA to determine the number of cards you could pick up, but the total hand size was the leaders SA level +1 for each hero alive (this dropped if one died). Playing cards the max you could put on a unit was the SA of the leader. You then could discard up to your total hand but could only draw again the SA level of your highest leader.
    Cards as printed from the BETA weekend material the type is too small I am one of those graying of the hobby guys and could not see the type. You have to make the fluff (images etc) on the card secondary to being able to read the cards then so be it, make the image smaller and type larger. Also edit the abilities, for example you don’t have to repeat the title of the spell in the text, you don’t have to give an example, put that in the rule book, as once you use it you won’t need that the next time, but reading the text is critical. If you make the cards that size please make available a pdf of the card so those of us that want to we can make them big enough to read.

    LOS is silly and it will create a lot of problems. We tried to have it so that if you could see less than half of the figure the shooter would have to make one success on the SA test.

    Now for me the big question was the dice. Well the game works fine with the colored die we got right into it and with only a few times looking to the sheet with the levels, crits etc on them we managed to play quite quickly. However the custom d6-d8-d10 is by far a superior way of making this part of the game flow. It is easier to determine the number of hits, and criticals. As I have said in previous posts the game is not an easy game to play with lots of different things to keep track of and lots of decision points during game play and to add the multi colored die to the mix is just one extra complication that you had a solution to with the custom die. Now even if you have custom d6 you still will have way to many die on the table for my liking. I heard Cad give a couple of explantions to the change to the d6 system and I am not buying any of them.
    So in the end I still am pissed about the dice, it has the makings of a great game and still does but the shift to the d6 only detracts from that. Go back to the cusom die, the d6 work but the polyhedral dice make it much better.

    As too getting into the game that makes no sense there are lots of games out there that require custom die, and you still need the rules, the cards the campaign book etc, I think they are wrong on that. I know few gamers who would not get into a good game because you need a pack of custom die!

    Now a couple of questions.
    Can you shoot into a combat/engaged figures?
    What is the size of template for the fire wall and cloud wall and how long do they last, again for duration we just had the caster roll his magic test and for each success it lasted a turn.

    It would be great to have more lists, I am thinking other race/cultures as the game lends itself so well to using whatever figures one might have I have a lot of confrontation figures that really want to come out of the closet!!!

    Also are we going to see more pdf of cards before the game is released so we can do some playtesting!
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