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Thread: I'm Smelting!

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    I'm Smelting!

    Hi guys, here's a preview of some WIP products coming soon. We are expanding the 28mm Jessarai range by working on a smelting district.

    Raw material and liquid metal is transported about on hopper carts that travel on rails throughout the district, from the cargo landing pads to the furnaces. For the rails there will be straight sections, corner sections and junction sections. The hopper carts are big enough to fit a 35mm base or a cauldron and can magnetize together for a convoy.

    Next up, security fencing for blocking access to dangerous sites or restricted areas. There will be 6" sections, 3" sections, corners and gates. It can also be used for modern settings as well.

    The first furnace for the district is an Electric Arc Furnace. Scrap metal is dumped in the furnace and electrodes then bore into the metal, melting it with electricity. When the process is finished, the furnace pours the liquid metal into a cauldron on a hopper cart, to be sent off to the ironworks or steel-mills. The kit will come with sections of rail, a hopper cart and staircase. The furnace lid raises and turns, and the whole thing can tilt.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks fantastic! I'll assume that you can buy extra track kits to expand the rails? Really like the security fencing too Do we have an eta on the release date?

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    Looks really nice ...

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