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Thread: Ruins of Daldorr floors........

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    Ruins of Daldorr floors........

    One of the things (its not a big thing), is the use of stone flagstones on second storey floor elements. Historically most stone buildings still had upper floors made from timber. Wondering if there could be a way to produce an "upgrade pack" with ruined timber floor boards to replace the stone ones (the original stone floors can still be used as ground elements to bulk out the footprint). Would look a lot nicer and give a more authentic feel for the ruins......

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    I would not disagree but I think the ruins are old enough that nothing would be left of the wooden floors, not even some rotting beams. Wood can last for a long time but it seems that once the roof goes and the water gets in all the wood goes fairly quickly.

    Do we have any idea of the time line here? I think there are centuries old but I have no idea where that came from, our own D & D game as like as not.

    The idea of adding some joists, roof fragments and rotting beams to the ruins is quite interesting and would change their look a lot.

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