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Thread: What are your hobbys outside of modeling/wargaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    Hey! Another HEMA-ite. We've just finished 4 weeks daggers in various forms, including cloak and dagger. Much fun if someone in your school teaches it.
    I think the rapier guys use cloak as well, but no dagger instructor. The largest group here is two-hander, but I'm not really interested in that. I really enjoy S&B though! Want to try small sword as well!

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    We did 3 weeks with Montante and it was great fun. Sadly our instructors felt it was a little too dangerous to spar with safely. I need to get back to S&B as it has been a while and was enjoyable

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    My hobbies are depression and anxiety. I'm really good at them.

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