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Thread: River Defense Bastion - Hints & Tips

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    River Defense Bastion - Hints & Tips

    What can I say? An excellent kit with a lot of potential as a tower base topper or a stand alone fort. It goes together really easily in not a lot of time.

    Okay since this is supposed to be Hints and Tips...

    Firstly, piece P17 on page 3 has been mislabelled as P11. Since the two pieces are so obviously different I doubt any one would be confused. [EDIT: Now fixed]

    I noted on the external walls (P11, P12 & P17) and upper roof (O7 & O9) not all the lug hole cut outs had popped out - you probably want to ensure you remove them all before glueing them on the base (interior).

    I am glad to say the door went together very smoothly - no sanding needed.

    If you are building the version with door, you'll need to decide whether or not to glue the "firing steps" (Q11 to Q13) in place. Personally I can't see why you wouldn't glue Q12 in place - walking through the door and immediately breaking your ankle in the murder whole doesn't seem much fun for the defenders.

    I found making the roof frame (Q2 and Q3) a very tight fit. I am not sure you need glue - I ended up hammering the frame together. Make sure you do it in the right order - I imagine fitting the top floor (Q1) last will be very frustrating. Also make sure you don't fill the little square holes in the top corners (they are location holes for the top story)

    I found the roof pieces (Q4 & Q5) didn't quite meet at the corners. To slightly bend and hold them in place whilst the glue set, I used a rubber band stretch between opposite corners (looped over the roof corners), with a couple of twist underneath to pull the corner edges together. That description will either make perfect sense, or be totally incomprehensible ;-)

    This set also comes with a toothpick / glue spreader / piece pusher (hurrah!)
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    Cheers for the spot on the mislabel, that's been corrected.

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