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Thread: What tools do you use?

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    What tools do you use?

    I am curious what tools, equipment, supplies or whatever people think is essential - or even just useful - to build 4Ground kits. So what do you use?

    To start off, my essential kit is:
    • Granite tile - flat, and neither superglue or PGA will stick to it
    • No more nails PVA glue in a spout-top bottle
    • Cocktail sticks - to get small amounts of glue in to tricky places
    • Scaple #9 - to use as an excess glue removing scraper
    • Scaples #6 & #10A - for cutting out pieces, or to trim as needed
    • Emeryboard (nail file) - for sanding down small pieces
    • Big rubber bands - hold odd-shape bits together
    • 4" and 8" miniature sash clamps - for holding square things together (like buildings)
    • 3" spring clamps (giant clothes pegs) - holding flat pieces together (e.g. Double-thick wall interiors/exteriors)
    • Dental picks - for applying or removing glue or filler

    The items in bold is what I consider essential.
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    pva, hobby knife. pegs and rubber bands.

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