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Thread: Fyrburgh (Teuden) Gate passageway

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    Fyrburgh (Teuden) Gate passageway

    As mentioned on the Fyrburgh keep thread { }, another possible extra would be a gateway piece to replace the current gate between the two towers to build a 'proper' gatehouse. Due to the jettying-out of the upper floor on the towers, a bigger gateway piece is no easy design challenge. Now, though I don't want to design this (well, actually I do), here are a few thoughts.

    I think the full available depth - 3" - should be used for the passageway. I would suggest increasing the width of the piece from the current 3" gate to 6". This will allow a small guardroom on either side, with a arrowslit to allow the defenders to fire on those in the passage way; a door to the internal space (bailey) and access to the floor above via ladder and hatch. The floor above I think needs to be open air (no roof) with a wall (as per the towers) front and back (and sides, so it can be used sans towers). Murder holes over the passage way would be a nice addition. Given the difficulty enclosing the first (upper) floor space a portcullis may not be achievable (though technically you could have one running in an open frame) so double doors front and back may be the solution.

    Anyhow, I am sure Andrew will think of something :-D
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