Hi 4grounders & friends,

just a quick question:

If I understood correctly from the interviews I saw the background of the game is based on a RPG-campaign?

Personally, I really like the named character approach in the factions, and I'm a bit curious about the background in development.
Therefore, I'd be happy to learn more about:

- How much of the currently developed background is based on the actual happenings in that campaign. (Are locations/characters in the factions based on locations/characters in the game?
- What we might expect from the background material in the rulebook? (High level, rather detailed, suitably informative for a RPG campaign?)
- Whether the game world you're developing might be a 'living' setting, where new product releases/player base feedback/community actions (e.g. results from organised play events) might influence future publications and products?

(Too) many questions, I know . But really intrigued by what you guys are doing, so if you could share some thoughts on this I'd be really happy.