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Thread: Background material in the rule book (RPG-related)

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    Background material in the rule book (RPG-related)

    Hi 4grounders & friends,

    just a quick question:

    If I understood correctly from the interviews I saw the background of the game is based on a RPG-campaign?

    Personally, I really like the named character approach in the factions, and I'm a bit curious about the background in development.
    Therefore, I'd be happy to learn more about:

    - How much of the currently developed background is based on the actual happenings in that campaign. (Are locations/characters in the factions based on locations/characters in the game?
    - What we might expect from the background material in the rulebook? (High level, rather detailed, suitably informative for a RPG campaign?)
    - Whether the game world you're developing might be a 'living' setting, where new product releases/player base feedback/community actions (e.g. results from organised play events) might influence future publications and products?

    (Too) many questions, I know . But really intrigued by what you guys are doing, so if you could share some thoughts on this I'd be really happy.


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    Think the overall focus on this kickstarter is for the skirmish game. So there's the two A4 Hardback books (one the "deluxe" rules with 100 pages of fluff, and the other the narrative campaign book). The skirmish game has some RPG elements (like levelling up characters in your warband), and the narrative campaign book will feature the area around Brokkenbridge (so should have some flora and fauna local to the area). Other background material may come with the KS exclusive scenario booklet that backers are getting (basically the compiled scenarios that are included with purchases of Fabled Realms building sets).

    From the Livestreams, it sounds like a traditional RPG game set in Fabled Realms is on the cards. But will come later (possibly by another KS). Cad is keen that Fabled Realms is a "living" setting, so feedback from the community and/or possibly worldwide campaigns with results sent in online will alter how things progress in future releases. Some of the models in game ARE characters from Ben and Cad (and Adam) RPG games.

    However by getting into the skirmish game now, it should mean you have loads of minis and terrain ready for when the RPG game comes out (usually its the other way around)

    But the livestreams might be a good port of call for where Fabled Realms is going after this KS (and you get lots of background fluff in them anyway), and I'm sure Cad or Ben will be along to give a lot more information on what's coming in the 2 A4 books

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