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Thread: Brokkenbridge Buildings

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    Brokkenbridge Buildings

    Was thinking it would be nice to see some ruined/burnt out versions of the wooden parts of the buildings (then you can swap them out on the stone foundations). A sort of "Draghoul was 'ere" version if you will. Add some black cotton wool and a flashing tealight (similar to those used to mark knocked out tanks in 28mm gaming), and you would have a nice terrain piece or two showing Brokkenbridge under attack.

    ...again not a new building, just a broken/burnt out version of the wooden parts to make two versions of the same building. I suppose you could scratch build it (if 4Ground made just the wooden parts available from the set), but its an idea

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    That could be pretty cool, but depends how the stone and wooden parts of the Brokkenbridge buildings go together. I've not seen any in person, so I'm not sure how well the pieces would stay together if not glued?

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