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Thread: Parish Church question

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    Parish Church question

    I had a talk with one of the designers at GenCon and I want to post a question, especially to the historical gamers.

    The Parish Church only has one entry/exit. This may be accurate for historical reasons, but it's absolutely terrible for gaming reasons. It makes the church a death trap. Entering or leaving it means you're incredibly vulnerable to bottle-necking.

    The designer said there won't be any changes to the design of this piece. However, if enough historical gamers demanded a small sacrifice of accuracy for the purpose of game-play, then future designs will include design elements that are better for gaming.

    So, I put it to the community. Would you sacrifice the usefulness of a piece of terrain for accuracy, or would you rather your terrain be more useful and slightly less historically accurate?

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    I would say a Building is a building, not all are set up for a good defence. It presents a quandary.....

    Good cover, however only one entrance?

    It becomes a decision point (rather than an auto go to), or a gamble if you will. That makes the game unpredictable, which is a good thing usually

    Plus there's always a window (watch the eagle has landed)

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    I say stay accurate. and the whole thing was about good defence so why 2 entrance? use windows or blow up entrance youself.
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    Breach the wall?

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