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Thread: 40k Gaming night with 4ground 16/08/17

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    40k Gaming night with 4ground 16/08/17

    This was going to be a free and easy gaming night for the guys. Mel and I decided that we would put out 2 armies Tau and Astra Militarum (if your like me the Imperial Guard) set out in 2 detachments per side. However, who was going to be playing which detachment still had to be decided

    So what we did was give a number to each detachment from 1, 2, 3, or 4. and then let the guys draw out of a bag a number which corresponds to a numbered detachment. Tension was building when we told the guys this and the looks on their faces was a picture (shame I didn't get one . How it ended up was -

    Adam - Tau Spearhead detachment
    Andy - Tau Patrol detachment
    Robbie - Astra Militarum Outrider detachment
    Jamie - Astra Militarum Patrol detachment

    The guys looked over their forces and drew cards for deployment, objective and a twist. These Open War cards are great at creating random narrative games. But before the battle started as we all know an army marches on its stomach.

    The game played out very well, the Imperial forces took the first turn and made well with their shooting, no objective was discovered in this round. Shocked by the massive firepower the Tau liked their wounds and dug in for a turn, reorganising the lines and firing back to soften up the enemy.

    Turn 2 for the imperial forces was where the objective was discovered, on their side of the table. This meant that it would be easier for them to hold on to as they wouldn't have to move very far. However, as the Tau took a turn being cautious meant they now had to throw caution to the wind and advance out of their trenches to attack the enemy. For the greater good and all that !!!!!
    Once again the firepower from the Imperial forces again rocked the Tau units and it seemed that the Tau wouldn't have much of a chance to counter this, but this was not the case. Adam and Andy gritted their teeth and pulled out some good rolls taking the fight to the Imperial forces.

    The game continued with again relentless shooting from Jamie and Robbie and yet again Adam and Andy kept coming forward. It all came down to the final turn and the Imperial forces prevailed by taking out the Tau forces that had fought bravely getting to the objective to contest it.

    As I wasn't playing the game I will say it was great fun watching it unfold, it seemed that both sides were in the end very evenly matched, but some unfortunate rolls on the Tau side meant they had lost out in some key moments. I hope the guys enjoyed this approach to gaming as it is something that we do often....... It will also help you guys that are playing in the tournament to see different armies in this new edition and how they work.

    Look forward to seeing you guys soon for a catch up on what you thought.

    If you want to see more of what we do then please feel free to look at our blog for pictures of the game and have a look around. If like what you see feel free to follow us.

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    It was an awesome evening

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    They will *always* be the Imperial Guard to me. None of this silly rebranding thing.
    Good to see them putting the fish-folk in their place too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    They will *always* be the Imperial Guard to me. None of this silly rebranding thing.
    That's what I'm talkin about

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