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Thread: Excerpts Of The Diary Of Governor Rumstram of Bleakfelland

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    Excerpts Of The Diary Of Governor Rumstram of Bleakfelland

    After Year of Iron 1172, 2nd Day of Water:- Chapter Master Sabastian Valk visited today. He stated that he has been receiving reports from his conroi that they have been having more engagements with Drugoul in the ruins. He has reported it on to the High Rectifier but I asked him to keep it quite from the population for now. He has agreed to my request.

    AYI 1172, 18th of Water:- More and more venturing bands have been going missing in the ruins. Sabastian has stated this is due to the increased Dragoul activity.

    AYI 1172, 35th of Water:- Peter De Risa stumbled into the city of Broggen Bridge today, with bites all over him. He turned before any one could get to him and now the city is in uproar.

    AYI 1172, 36th of Water:- A large band of venturers hired the services of the Children of Ipaos sell sword band to journey with them into the ruins to the Blasted Tower as there are rumours that the Door has finally opened. I can only feel that this is a bad omen.

    AYI 1172, 40th of Water:- We have just received a report that the Eightfold Path Commanderie at Baraholm in the adjacent province of Langa Fell has been raided by sellswords of the Laughing Dagger company. Sebastian will only tell me that an artifact of great power was stolen. He has also informed me that some of his men as well as the Mordanburg State Guard will be investigating. He requested that I allow the soldiers of Mordanburg to enter Fellendorf. I have agreed to this as long as they are only tracking the Laughing Dagger company.

    AYI 1172, 13th of Earth:- A detachment from the Mordanburg State Guard defended the village Hagansbrook from the Laughing Dagger company and forced them to retreat. As this is within the Fellendorf border I have invited their captain, an Orc named Raffa Oft Helmburg, and his Lieutenants to a formal state dinner to thank them for their actions.

    AYI 1172, 21st of Earth:- The Children Of Iapos returned to Broggen Bridge today, fewer in number. Captain Sa’Otama of the Children came straight to my hall with Chapter Master Sebastian and informed us of the events that happened at the Blasted Tower. I will not record the full details here, but in short the Children got to the Tower and did indeed find the Door opened. After travelling into the catacombs for many days they were set upon by a throng of Dragoul including some Druggoi. The number was larger than seen recently and they had to flee.

    I have sent a message to Captain Raffa of the Mordanburg State Guard to request the aid of his regiment here at Broggen Bridge. We need to investigate this further and the aid of a thousand professional soldiers will be invaluable. I have also sent a message to Patrician Winislav of Fellendorf request the help of the Fellendorf Militia and Chapter Master Sebastian has sent messages to the High Rectifier.

    I just hope we are not seeing the start of a new incursion.

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    The plot thickens

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