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    We will post up background bits in this thread. Hope you enjoy.

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    The clacking of its distending jaw was the first warning Samuel had before the Dragoul struck. He had expected it but that didn’t stop the violent assault from terrifying him.

    Getting his axe round in a heavy arching swing Samuel’s blow bit heavily into the side of the Dragoul’s chest spraying dark crimson blood across the flagstone floor. Surprised by how quickly the beast died it took his axe with it to the ground.

    Cursing he placed his boot on its chest and pulled his axe out. Looking around he saw that Deiter, Frank and Otto were down, almost certainly dead while Finley, Robert and Pier were still up. Not only were they standing, but the damn Whitecloak Tristain was too, with only some dents in his shield.

    “Come on you scum!” Tristain shouted as he started rounding up errant initiates from the shattered ruins. Samuel helped his friend Robert up from the floor, “I hope something gets that git”, Robert said as he scrabbled up. “I’m sure he pushed Deiter in front of one of those foul things”.

    Carrying on with their patrol in the ruins Samuel couldn’t help but think on the fact that just because the White Cloaks, or Ascended as they were officially known, had travelled further down the path to mother, it didn’t stop some of them carrying on being the bastards they had been before.

    Suddenly a loud roar sounded in the ruins and Tristain motioned for them to stop, “Sounds like a Terror, we shouldn’t try and tangle with anything that size” he mouthed to the group, “Lets head back to the Commanderie and get more men”. With a loud crash and an explosion of stone and mortar the wall behind Robert disintegrated as the Terror smashed its way through.

    Turning its head toward Tristain it bellowed the noise so loud that Samuel felt as if his head would burst. Looking over at Finley he could see his face pulled into a grimace with tears rolling down his cheeks. The Terror reached down and threw something at the Whitecloack just missing him but still causing a wet and sickly crack when the bundle landed. As Samuel made his way to the large bundle on the floor, Tristain leapt at the monster letting out a war cry that sounded muted to Samuel’s ears. Samuel got to the bundle, the smell of offal almost overpowering, his eyes took in the brains dashed against the ground, shapes of limbs at odd angles and the blood was everywhere causing Samuel to vomit as he realised the mess on the floor was his friend Robert.

    Wiping his mouth of the acrid detritus, Samuel couldn’t help sobbing as he turned back to the giant monster that had destroyed his friend in seconds. Finley was hacking at the monsters legs. While slumped up against the wall Pier was cradling a mangled and detached arm, blood pooling around him. Tristains sword was deep in the belly of the beast but Tristain himself was in both of its meaty hands and with another bellow the beast ripped him in half, organs falling to the floor with a sloppy wet sound.

    Samuel let out a war cry of his own, no more than a whimper and ran toward the monster. He leapt at the beast, bringing his axe down into its skull with a mighty crack. The Terror started falling taking Samuel with it and as they fell it twisted with Samuel feeling the mighty impact as it landed on top of him. Samuel realised the iron tangy taste in his mouth was the blood pouring from the creatures head, choking on the tainted blood, Samuel tried to scream but all that came out was a wet gurgle...

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    The Order Militant of The Eightfold Path, known as the Order Militant or normally as their chapter name, i.e. The
    Black Water Watch Chapter.

    The order is primarily made up of humans but can have Gnomes. This holy order is made up of two main sections the initiates and the ascended. The ascended are members of the Order that have passed the Right Of Blood and not turned or died, they are well equipped and are normally good fighters.

    The ascended only have one item of uniformity, all of them wear or have at least one white cloak as a sign of their purity. The Right Of Blood is a ritual dating back to the inception of the order and is taken only by volunteers from the initiates, in the right the initiate must consume a vial of Druggoi blood, due to the strange properties of the blood most people that consume it are either killed outright or are turned into a Dragoul, very few are luck enough to survive without being turned and these are the Ascended. The Right Of Blood is the only way to become one of the Ascended and is normally preformed on the battlefield, although it can be done using the chapters store of Druggoi blood. Other methods involve scarification and rubbing Druggoi blood directly into the wound and traditions do vary from chapter to chapter.

    The initiates are where any new member of the order is placed before they take the Right Of Blood, they are poorly equipped and often have very little in the way of armour and normally are only armed with an axe, hammer or spear.

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