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Thread: Fellendorf Milita colors and background?

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    Fellendorf Milita colors and background?

    Any chance of getting some background on the Fellendorf Milita? Especially on colors and what they wear. I already have the Gripping Beast sprues, and I want to get painting!

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    Well I'm planning on painting them in Saxon colours (so I can use them for SAGA as well). As a Militia I don't think they would have a uniform (as they are literally dragged in from the fields). However here's a link for historical Saxon clothing colours if you want....

    The Tunics "could" be decorated on the collar and sleeves, but as our militia are mostly farmers this would be unlikely (however we are getting some "heroes" to use in the form of the Viking sprues, so possibly you could do it on those minis as they represent the local aristocracy).

    As you can see the colours were "muted" compared to our modern dyes. However at the end of the day, its a fantasy game. So if you don't want to use them for SAGA and go with the historical can paint them with brighter colours to make them look better

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    Heroes would also have brighter colours as they are likely to have higher quality dye and cloth, such as silk. Assuming they are similar to historical Saxons/Norse.

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    Very cool website. Thanks for posting it. I was thinking of using blues and purples for the heroes.

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